Choose from 3 models and 2 power sources. 

SatVUE is a compact, robust satellite remote monitoring system designed for the toughest conditions. With an IP rating of 65 and tested for operation between -20°C to + 60°C (-68°F to 140°F) SatVUE is the smartest remote monitoring solution for the most extreme situations.  

SatVUE comes in 3 models with different forms of mounting, each with a choice of 2 power sources –solar or battery with 2 year life.


Pole Remote Monitoring SystemSatVue Pole 

This SatVueE mode  sits on a pole above the ground and is designed to monitor air. It is the popular choice for monitoring a variety of parameters in air and is used by mining, oil and gas, environmental, agriculture and aquaculture companies.

SatVue Pole is shipped with:

  • SatVue Satellite Remote Monitoring System 
  • 1 x 70mm bolt 
  • Quick Start Installation Guide 
  • Sensor wiring diagram (if applicable) 
  • 2 x inline sensor connectors (sensors not included).


Tank Remote Monitoring SystemSatVue Tank  

This SatVue model sits on the flat surface of a tank or other container and is designed to measure the level of contents such as liquids (like water or oil) or solids (like grain or feed). It is a popular choice for asset monitoring (e.g oil tank level monitoring) and agriculture and aquaculture (silo level monitoring).

SatView Tank is shipped with:

  • SatVue Satellite Remote Monitoring System 
  • 4 x screws
  • Quick Start Installation Guide 
  • 1 x inline sensor connector 
  • 1 x integrated ultrasonic level sensor


Bore Remote Monitoring SystemSatVue Bore

This SatVue model sits above the ground on a hollow bore pipe through which sensors pass to measure the groundwater below. It is also fitted with 3 vertical stabilizers. SatVue Bore is the popular choice for measuring groundwater and is chosen by mining, oil, gas and agriculture companies and for environmental monitoring.

SatVue Bore is shipped with: 

  • SatVue Satellite Remote Monitoring System 
  • Quick Start Installation Guide 
  • 3 vertical stabilisers (with band clamp)
  • 2 x inline sensor connectors (sensor not included)

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Now it’s costing us less than $30 a month for satellite. Including the initial capex, that’s a saving of over 80%.

Justin Laird - Senior Hydrogeologist, ConsultCorp*