Are you the Instrument Supervisor of a company with many remote sites to monitor?

Are any of these true for you?

  • Remote site monitoring is mandatory – but it’s getting more expensive    
  • Some sites are in remote, dangerous or fragile locations – so sending people isn’t feasible 
  • Technology might be the answer – but reliability & maintenance costs are variable 
  • Technology fit with your infrastructure is critical – but it’s hard to assess beforehand
  • Achieving reliable, remote site monitoring is vital – but it’s been impossible so far. 


Have you tried to change things by:

  • Trying out new technologies – but they were unreliable and expensive to maintain
  • Testing alternative technologies – but they didn’t fit your infrastructure & ended up costing more
  • Having custom devices made – but they were costly and couldn’t be reconfigured
  • Using 3G/4G for data transmission – but sites were out of range or coverage was patchy 
  • Installing unattended monitoring devices – but they couldn’t withstand the conditions and ended up costing more for maintenance or replacement.


You’ve come to the right place

Pacific Data Systems has been a leader in smart remote site monitoring and control since 1984 and over the years, we’ve helped many Instrument Superintendents. 

SatVue is our latest, industry-leading solution: a rugged, purpose-built, Plug & Play device that makes remote site monitoring reliable, cost effective and easy to do.   

For Instrument Superintendents like you, SatVue  delivers: 

  • Plug & Play installation in three minutes – so it’s easy to install by non-technical staff 
  • Resilience to hot, cold, wet, dry, dusty or icy conditions – so you know it will operate continuously in remote sites with extreme conditions 
  • Robust design with solar and battery power – so your running costs & maintenance costs are low 
  • Easy configuration – so it’s easy to set up and change if your parameters or projects change
  • Satellite data transmission – providing global coverage which is not compromised by topography 
  • Ability to trigger automated tasks – so no need to visit site if key thresholds are passed
  • Real-time access to the device and data – from an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.

If you’d like to see how much you could save with SatVue, book a Cost Cutting Call with us.


Who is a good fit with us? 

Pacific Data Systems has helped Instrument Superintendents in Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration, Environmental Monitoring, Aquaculture & Agriculture and Asset Monitoring to achieve remote site monitoring since 1984.  

Many SatVUE customers share these characteristics. Does your organisation?

  • You have many remote sites to monitor – so devices must be cost-effective
  • Your sites are remote, dangerous or fragile – so manual monitoring is not an option
  • You employ non-technical staff on site – so devices must be easy to use
  • You’re outside 3G/4G networks – or the coverage is unreliable  
  • You regard monitoring as vital to your business – and it must be done reliably  
  • You need data to be accurate and regular – irregular or anytime sampling won’t do
  • You’d like a cost-effective solution that meets all these needs.  

If you answered ‘yes’ to some of these, we could be a good for you too. Why not book a Cost Cutting Call to see how much you could save by using SatVue? Find out more here.


Who is not a good fit?

Over the years we’ve found that organisations who are not a good fit, answered ‘yes’ to many of these questions:

  • Is remote area monitoring a box to tick – and you really don’t mind how well it’s done or not?
  • Do you have very few sites to monitor – so sending people out is not a major expense?
  • Are your sites within 3G/4G networks – and coverage and reliability are adequate? 
  • Are your sites not in extreme locations – and device cost, reliability or robustness are not really key? 
  • Finding a better solution for remote site monitoring is not a pressing issue right now. When it is, please give us a call.

If you’re not sure, read more about SatVue then give us a call.

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If we extended SatVue to other sites to measure groundwater and other parameters like stream chemistry, the return would be even more impressive.

Sean Finemore - Senior Hydrogeologist, MineCo*