Report Contents

Report Contents

The final section of the report's configuration defines the contents of the report, which consists of:

  • Devices: The devices to create a report for.
  • Fields: The device fields to include in the report.
  • Type: There are two ways to generate the report contents:
    • CSV: Send the report as a Comma Seperated Values (CSV) file.
    • Custom Lua Script: Write a Lua script to output a custom report format.

CSV Reports

CSV reports are the most simple type of report, when this is selected there will be a report generated for each of the selected devices, containing the selected device fields. CSV files are supported by almost every spreadsheet application including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Lua Reports

Lua reports allows the users to export a report in a custom format, or to provide exception reporting if the Lua script only outputs exceptional values. For more information on creating Lua reports see Using Lua for Reports.