SatVUE: Remote Monitoring Made Easy & Cost Effective a low-cost smart remote monitoring solution utilising satellite communications (two-way) to reliably collect, store and report data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet enabled computer or mobile device.

By removing the need for staff to physically visit sites and conduct manual measurements/data retrieval where monitoring is being conducted, SatVUE could, in turn, save thousands of dollars in travel and staff resource expenses every year.

The SatVUE system utilises a simple plug & play approach for simple field installations. By utilising minimal hardware, in contrast with alternative solutions on the market, this cost-effective, robust system is a reliable choice for the end user.


  • Multi–sensor Compatibility
  • Solar or Battery Powered
  • Easy Plug ‘n Play Installation in 3 mins
  • Online Data Portal Enabling Full Remote Access
  • IsatData Pro Satellite Network Communications


  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Monitor outside of 3G / 4G Infrastructure
  • Improve Operations Efficiency, Greater Visibility
  • Custody of Data, Reduces Data Transposition Errors

How it works

Step 1

Connect to any compatible sensor

Step 2

Place anywhere in the world*

Step 3

View your data on the web


SatVUE can be used for many applications across a broad range of industries including agricultural, environmental, mining, oil & gas, and more. Here are just a few examples:


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A Leader In Smart Remote Monitoring

Pacific Data Systems is a leader in smart remote monitoring and control, based in Brisbane, Australia.

Since 1984, Pacific Data Systems has provided robust devices and solutions for remote data collection, monitoring and control. Our clients span mining, exploration, defence, resource distribution, engineering, manufacturing, environmental monitoring, scientific research and engineering, across the globe. We are a recognised specialist in data monitoring and control in the Southern Hemisphere.

SatVUE: Smart Remote Monitoring

SatVUE is one of our most advanced systems, combining smart remote monitoring technology with reliable satellite communications in a compact, off-the-shelf device, which is available globally through our network of partners.

Designed for Environmental Compliance Managers, Instrument Superintendents and Workplace Health Managers who struggle with the risks, costs and unreliability of remote site monitoring, SatVUE is reliable and cost-effective. Unlike bespoke and bundled systems which are expensive to buy, difficult to configure and costly to maintain, SatVUE is a low cost Plug & Play device which is fast to configure and install, and easy to maintain even in the most extreme conditions.

SatVUE users enjoy the peace of mind of reliable, continuous remote monitoring and control of multiple sites, with the enhanced environmental compliance, reputation and bottom line benefits that flow as a result.