SatVUE Applications.

SatVUE - the ideal monitoring solution for a broad range of applications across a broad range of industries.

SatVue, delivers what used to be impossible: accurate, timely, continuous data collection, analysis and control in a smart, tough device which is cost-effective to purchase and run.

Remote monitoring in agriculture & aquaculture

If your business is in crop or livestock farming or aquaculture, you know how many parameters need to be monitored to ensure the health of your primary-producing assets.  A key one is water stock management and water quality monitoring, but there are many others:

Water Stock Management (Level / Flow / Rainfall)

  • Tanks, dams,  turkey nests
  • Water bores
  • Livestock drinking troughs
  • Irrigation channels

Water quality monitoring

  • Temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, salinity
  • Contaminants, turbidity, micro-organisms
  • Chlorides, sulphates, phosphates and other metals


  • Temperature, relative humidity and air pressure
  • Rainfall, hail or snow
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Dew Point and Heat Index
  • Wind chill.


  • Moisture and salinity
  • Chlorides, sulphates, phosphates and other metals
  • Ionising radiation or radioactive substances.


Monitoring for abnormal water usage including:

  • Power and Generators
  • Water levels
  • Flow Levels
  • Line and pump pressure
  • Cathodic protection (corrosion)
  • Faulty valves
  • Leakage
  • Evaporation
  • Leakage
  • Feed levels
  • Windmill speed

The challenge of monitoring agriculture or aquaculture in remote locations

Whether you have cattle in sprawling paddocks, a salmon farm in a remote valley or grapes on a distant slope, you won’t have time to check all these parameters manually, yet many require regular readings. You have a couple of options:

  • Using unattended devices based on 3G or 4G communications – but these won’t help if you’re outside cell network coverage or there is no direct line of site between the device and the data collector
  • Choosing bespoke devices – but these can be expensive to buy, difficult to reconfigure, hard to reconfigure if parameters change or you want to swap devices. They can also be costly to maintain.

The smart way to monitor in remote locations

SatVUE is a compact, robust, low-cost device, developed by Pacific Data Systems specifically for remote monitoring. For water quality and other monitoring In agriculture and aquaculture, SatVUE offers unique benefits:

  • Robust design – ideal in extreme hot or cold, wet, dry or dust, assuring continuous operation
  • Plug & Play technology – enabling fast installation by any farm personnel
  • A single flexible device – which can be used for multiple purposes, with easy configuration for each
  • Flexible mounting options – so you can choose the mounting for  each location, and take advantage of economies of scale
  • Choice of power source – solar or battery power so data collection and analysis are uninterrupted.

SatVUE has practical benefits too, making it the simple choice for agriculture or aquaculture monitoring in remote locations:

  • Preset triggers – to send alerts or initiate actions like shutting off a pump, without having to go to site.
  • Satellite communications via the Inmarsat IsatDataPro global network, assuring continuous monitoring regardless of 3G/4g coverage, terrain or weather
  • Intuitive web interface – giving you direct access to data and reports, and control of your SatVUE devices on site, all the time
  • Availability anywhere – through our global network of partners, you can access SatVUE smart technology for your agriculture or aquaculture farm anywhere. Meet our partners.