Meet our global partners

SatVue is a smart device for remote monitoring which is ideal for mining, oil and gas, agriculture, asset and environment monitoring. With markets spread across the globe, Pacific Data Systems has selected the following partners to represent SatVUE due to their synergy with product and the company, and their geographical reach. 

Please contact us if you would like to join our global network.


Inmarsat (global)

Inmarsat owns and operates a global satellite network, offering mobile and fixed communications services for maritime, enterprise, government & aviation. The company promotes SatVUE  and has a number of  devices and demonstration sites to show prospective buyers.



Thermofisher Scientific (Australasia)

Thermofisher Scientific (incorporating Biolab) is the leading provider in Australasia of specialist equipment for Scientific, Environmental and Industrial applications. The company actively represents SatVUE and has a number of demonstration devices to show prospective buyers.



Applied Satellite Technology (UK,USA, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia)

AST provides tailored satellite communications solutions to customers across 4 continents. The company caters for voice, fax, data, asset tracking, video and internet IP access, using satellite communications which can be based on land, at sea or the air. The company is actively demonstrating and representing SatVUE across its global offices.



Airicom (Middle East, Europe)

Aricom is a specialist in industrial communications, automation and SCADA systems, focusing on sophisticated and innovative technologies to solve real world problems. The company has 25 years’ experience serving customers in the Middle East and Europe, and has SatVUE devices available to demonstrate.



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SatVue took only about five minutes to install and seconds to work: we just hit the power button.

Justin Laird - Senior Hydrogeologist, ConsultCorp*