Our Partners.

Meet our global partners

SatVUE is a smart device for remote monitoring which is ideal for mining, oil and gas, agriculture, asset and environment monitoring. With markets spread across the globe, Pacific Data Systems has selected the following partners to represent SatVUE due to their synergy with product and the company, and their geographical reach. 

Please contact us if you would like to join our global network.


Inmarsat (global)

Inmarsat owns and operates a global satellite network, offering mobile and fixed communications services for maritime, enterprise, government & aviation. The company promotes SatVUE  and has a number of  devices and demonstration sites to show prospective buyers.



Applied Satellite Technology (UK,USA, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia)

AST provides tailored satellite communications solutions to customers across 4 continents. The company caters for voice, fax, data, asset tracking, video and internet IP access, using satellite communications which can be based on land, at sea or the air. The company is actively demonstrating and representing SatVUE across its global offices.



Pumps N Solar (Australia)

Pumps N Solar are an award winning irrigation supply retailer who specialise in providing quality solutions for a wide range of water related projects. For all jobs large and small, we strive to deliver expert advice to ensure that you get clean water where you want it, when you want it.



FMS Farm Monitoring Solutions (Australia)

Farm Monitoring Solutions (FMS) supplies products and applications to remotely monitor water, power, stock and equipment. We delivering a range of remote monitoring solutions which are compatible with a wide range of commercially available products.



CQ Pump & Irrigation (Australia)

Drawing upon experienced personnel in the agricultural and water industry, the company was established in 2010. The Company has progressively expanded the business to become the leading supplier of water products & services for various industries throughout Central & Western Queensland with their head quarters based in Emerald QLD. Proudly part of the National Water Group and Irrigation Australia to provide their customers with the best products and advice.