Recognised leader

SatVUE is one of the latest advances from the Research & Development team at Pacific Data Systems, a recognised leader in smart monitoring and control technology in the Southern Hemisphere. The company is  based in Brisbane, Australia.

Origin in data logging

Pacific Data Systems was founded in 1984 by George Porter, initially marketing smart technologies from third parties, including data loggers from dataTraker and technical computers from Texas instruments.

The company quickly built a broad and loyal customer base in the industrial, manufacturing, scientific, geophysical, engineering, mining and defence sectors, providing practical solutions that were reliable, simple and cost-effective.

Practical problem solver

The opportunity to develop novel technologies for monitoring and control soon became apparent, so the company began to build in-house design and development expertise, while keeping an eye out for third party solutions that were consistent with its markets, goals and ideals. At all times, the focus was on practical, cost-effective solutions to real industry problems.

Industry focus

A key pillar in Pacific Data Systems’ approach is consulting with the industries it serves, to understand their needs and constraints, and what they truly need from technology partners. As a result, the company now has an elite R&D team of device and software engineers with industry insight and expertise second to none.

Continuous innovator

Over the years, Pacific Data Systems has become synonymous with advanced, practical solutions for hard-to-solve industry problems.

The company now provides monitoring and control devices for a wide range of parameters, including weather, water, air, gas and dust, postharvest, workplace safety, traffic safety, data logging and data control, telemetry, communications and field mobility.

SatVUE  is a multi-purpose device that enables unattended monitoring of many of these parameters, in remote, fragile or hard-to reach locations.