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  • How much is manual remote monitoring costing your business?

  • How efficient is it in terms of your resources, equipment and time?

  • How much are your people placed at risk going onsite to collect data?

In just 30 seconds, you can find out, using your own data.

Many companies increase compliance, reduce risk and inefficiency, and cut costs by up to 80% - using SatVUE Smart Remote Monitoring.


How Much

Salary per year of person checking sites

How Many

Sites to monitor

How Often

Times per week to monitor

How Many

Persons per site visit

How Long

To do a site return trip (hours)


Costs per year $

Using people

Costs per year $

Using SatVUE

Savings per year $

Using SatVUE


Return on your investment


Weeks for SatVUE to pay for itself

Notes & Assumptions

  • Cost per kilometer per vehicle $1
  • Any persons sent to site use one vehicle
  • 1 visit per year with SatVUE (install and one trip per year to check).
  • Cost of satellite data $1 per day per device.

Discover how we do our calculations, our full assumptions and some non-financial impacts of manual remote monitoring.