Remote Access via TCP

YDOC Terminal Emulator

In order to access the YDOC data logger remotely over the TCP protocol, you will need to download and install the YDOC Terminal program, which is available from the YDOC website:

Remote Access via SatVUE TCP Server

  1. In order to open a remote connect to a YDOC data logger, first open the YDOC Terminal program, and create a new TCP connection:

  2. In the SatVUE portal, navigate the Device Edit page, and un-hide the TCP Password.

  3. Copy the TCP login details from the SatVUE Portal to the YDOC Terminal program.

  4. The YDOC Terminal program will now be connected to the SatVUE TCP server. You will be connected to the logger on the devices next upload to the TCP server.

  5. You are now connected to the YDOC over the SatVUE TCP server.