Uploading Data via TCP

YDOC Terminal Emulator

In order to access the YDOC data logger using a USB cable, you will need to download and install the YDOC Terminal program, which is available from the YDOC website:


Configuring the YDOC using USB

  1. In order to open a connection to a YDOC data logger via USB, first open the YDOC Terminal program, and create a new COM-port connection:

  2. Select the desired COM Port settings, you should only need to change the COM Port to the correct port and leave the other settings unchanged. Then click the 'OK' button.

  3. If the correct COM Port has been selected, you should now be connected to the YDOC over USB. Click on the button with the three bars to enter the Configuration Menu.

  4. Press '3' to enter the Configuration setup.

  5. Press either 'D' or 'E' to enter the Modem output or Wifi output settings respectively. A Wifi add-on board is required for Wifi.

  6. Press '1' to enter the TCP Output settings.

  7. In the SatVUE portal, navigate the Device Edit page, and un-hide the TCP Password.

  8. Copy the TCP authentication details from the SatVUE portal into the YDOC's TCP Settings. Then press 'T' to run a TCP test.

    You must use AES-128 Encryption, the SatVUE TCP server does not accept un-encrypted connections.

    You should set the Max payload to 100KB to avoid issues in low signal areas, with a payloads that are too large to successfully upload.

  9. Ensure the TCP upload test is successful, you shoudl see the TCP test OK message on the screen.